Our work

We're working to change the way the world works, to end animal cruelty and suffering. Forever.

Together we will take on the global systems that fuel animal abuse, to end the root causes of their suffering. Our work is focused on two primary goals, transforming the global food system and stopping the exploitation of wild animals.

Bjørne skal leve i naturen, hvor de hører til
Wildlife has the right to a wild life, with animals free from any form of cruel exploitation and thriving within abundant natural habitat that is humanely protected, for the benefit of all.
Working for world where respect for animals and nature sits at the heart of our food system, which is equitable, sustainable, resilient and capable of feeding the world.
It's in our power to create a new world for animals

We're changing lives forever

Dolphin appeal
Learn about some of the achievements we've made for animals in the last 50 years.
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